Youtube Video Promotion With Social ADS Encouraging Views


Promote video to an audience of 1000 people

  • 15 Days Delivery
  • 1 Platform
  • 1 Ad Version Created
  • Targeted Audiences

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Platforms we use:

We use Facebook and twitter as social referrers. Majorly, we use facebook platform as we own dozens of pages belonging to various niches like music, nature, DIY and so on..

Methods we use:

◈ Posts in facebook pages we own

◈ Usage of facebooks ads when more reach is required for your video content

◈ We also use trueview ads offered by google itself when niche is very unique

Key Points:

◈ We will never add anything fake to video from our end.

◈ Audience would be worldwide but targeted to your niche.

◈ Promotion will also help your video get better ranking in search.

◈ We can’t guarantee any specific number of hits. It’s majorly based on video content and audience interest.